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D.1.1  Metastudy of existing empirical data available to VOLANTE

                 Summary D1.1

D.1.1.a Land use trajectories – Drivers and processes of landscape changes in Europe

                 Summary D1.1a


D.1.2 Summary reports for each case study including additional data

                 Summary D1.2

D.1.3 Draft report: analysing combined results from case studies updated in April 2014

          Summary D1.3


D.1.4 Landscape changes in Europe: Upscaling results from case studies and cross-region comparisons updated in October 2014

                 Summary D1.4

D.2.1 Literature study on land use and landscape change as a result of European policies - an overview of institutions and governance structures regarding land use change for different countries in Europe updated in April 2014

          Summary D2.1


D2.2 Policy drivers of land use/landscape change and the role of institutions

                        D2.2. Annex 3 Country report DK

                        D2.2. Annex 4 Country report NL

                        D2.2. Annex 5 Country report AT

                        D2.2 Annex 6 Country report GR

                        D2.2 Annex 7 Country report RO

            Summary D2.2

D2.3 Landscape change processes in case study areas updated in April 2014

                Summary D.2.3


D.2.3b Assessing drivers of landscape change in environmental zones in Europe through Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping


D2.4 Recommendations for relevant policies being developed for EU-27

                Summary D2.4


D.3.1 European-wide maps of recent changes in agriculture, forest systems and embodied HANPP

           Summary D3.1


D.3.2 Report on recent land use transition hotspots in Europe

           Summary D3.2


D3.3 Report on drivers of recent land use transitions in Europe

           Summary D3.3


D3.4 Maps of syndromes of land system changes in Europe

           Summary D3.4


D4.1 Report on country list - Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services)


D.4.2 Databases based on standardized, comparable data formats - Documentation

           Summary D4.2


D.4.3 Technological, institutional and economic drivers of land use change updated in April 2014

                   Summary D4.3


D.4.4. Report on country level analysis

                   Summary D4.4


D.4.5. Report on comparative analysis

            Summary D4.5


D.5.1 A report describing the assessment framework and operational definitions - Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services)


D.5.2 Integration of bottom-up and top-down assessment methods

                    Summary D5.2


D5.3 Comparing bottom-up and top-down modelling approaches to simulate land use changes

           Summary D5.3


D.6.1 Report on agent typologies and land use decision rules for the case studies - Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services)


D6.2 Report describing the ABM applications to the case

                    Summary D6.2

D6.3 Application of an agent-based model of land use change within the VOLANTE project revised in September 2015

                    Summary D6.3

D.7.1 Description of a coupled macroeconomic, multi-sector analysis at global scale with first simulation results

                     Summary D7.1

D.7.2 Description of the linked modeling system of sector models and multi-sector assessments

                      Summary D7.2


D.7.3 Description of the translation of sector specific land cover and land management information updated in April 2014

                       Summary D7.3

D.8.1 A framework for trade‐off analysis of ecosystem service indicators updated in April 2014

                       Summary D8.1


D8.2 Spatially explicit assessment of current ecosystem service supply for Europe updated in April 2014

                        Summary D8.2

D8.3 Identification of current hotspots and a typology relating to potential causes

               Summary D8.3

D.9.1 The VOLANTE scenarios: framework, storylines and drivers

                          Summary D9.1

D.9.2 An analysis of documented visions on land use in Europe revised September 2015

                         Summary D9.2

D.10.1 Stakeholder Analysis and Involvement Plan

                         Summary D10.1


D.10.2 Synthesis report on visions workshops updated in April 2014

               Summary D10.2


D10.3 Synthesis report on trade-offs & sustainability limits workshops revised September 2015

                         Summary D10.3


D.11.1 Report documenting the assessment results for the scenarios stored in the database

                          Summary D11.1


D11.2 Interpretation of scenario results in terms of described and mapped land change trajectories and archetypes

                           Summary D11.2


D11.3 Identification of pathways to consolidated visions of future land use in Europe

                           Summary D11.3


D12.1 Integrating science-based and value-based trade-off analysis methods

                          Summary D12.1


D12.2 Science-based trade-off and synergy evaluation of hotspots and problem spots in future ESS supply

                          Summary D12.2


D12.3 Value-based trade-off evaluation of future ecosystem service supply under selected land use scenario revised September 2015

                Summary D12.3


D12.4 A summary of conflict hot spots, synergies and trade-offs in ecosystem service provision

                Summary D12.4


D13.1 Report describing roadmapping methods including plans for workshops

                Summary D13.1


D13.2 The Volante Roadmap: Towards Sustainable Land Resource Management in Europe - Scientific Basis

               Summary D13.2


D.14.1 VOLANTE Research Implementation Plan

D.14.2 Brochure and paper


D.16.3 Final training modules - Training on land resource management


European stakeholder workshop & preview and feedback meeting

Reports from dissemination and feed-back workshops with presentation of Volante results from WP1 and WP2, and response from local, regional, and national stakeholders

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