Interesting courses on VOLANTE and University of the Aegean Ph.D. Summer School

The Summegeneral_summer_school_picture_webr School Course on "Transitions in Landscape and Land Use" will take place in Lesvos from 12th to 18th of June 2013. The VOLANTE and University of the Aegean Ph.D. Summer School focuses on and is largely inspired by the ongoing scientific advances, in the context of the VOLANTE project: Visions of Land Use Transitions in Europe. PhD-Students will, therefore, become acquainted with state of the art scientific insights into:

o Past and present processes determining land use change, at various spatial/ time scales
o Modelling techniques in the assessment of land use scenarios for the future
o Interactive vision development and roadmapping for future land uses

Course lecturers are among the top specialists in this interdisciplinary field of science, both from within the VOLANTE consortium and invited.

Students are required to submit a complete draft scientific paper, before the start of the Summer School, which they will present and discuss in class, with fellow students and with the chief editor of a renowned peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Registration and paper submission are now running.

Paper submission deadline: 31st May, 2013-03-13.

More information on the program and the application requirements and deadlines at:

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