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Literature on land use and landscape change
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Work package 2 deals with effects of policy on land use and landscape change.

The WP2 partners (Denmark, Greece, Romania, and the Netherlands) made an inventory of existing literature on land use change, including those reports and papers in the national language. A report was prepared for each country to discuss the existing publications, and all publications were included in a database for the Volante project.

The aim of this study is to provide a comprehensive overview of papers, reports, case study descriptions dealing in particular the spatial impact of policy. In particular reports and studies which are not easily accessible or considered as ‘grey literature’, studies published by universities, research bodies or administrations.

The list below provides a selection of the references from all literature studies on policy and landscape change. It can be used in the research and as reference on governance and landscape change in the respective countries.

The references are organised per country, for easy access. The list will still be improved expanded in the future. See Literature list on land use and landscape change here

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