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Database on decision making processes of land users
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The main purpose of the fieldwork reported in this database was to collect data on property owners land use decision making. This information shed light on the following central VOLANTE research themes:

  • Patterns of land use change: Which changes occur where and how big are they?
  • Drivers of land use change: what were the motives and reasons for land owners to undertake land use changes?
  • Link with policies and subsidies: which land owner types use subsidies and for which purpose?
  • Multifunctionality: which type of agricultural and non-agricultural economic activities take place on properties?
  • Land owner characteristics: what are the characteristics of landowners in different areas and what are their motives for?

The Questionnaire was designed to collect information within each theme. Data was mainly quantitative, with a few exceptions. The questions dealing with land owner motives and preferences used a Likertscale to assess land owner level of agreement with a number of qualitative statements. In order to protect the identity of the respondents some individual information collected during field work was not made public.


Data was collected in six VOLANTE WP1 case areas:

1. Roskilde municipality (Denmark). Responsible partner: UCPH – contact person: Søren Bech Pilgaard Kristensen; e-mail: sk (at) ign.ku.dk

2. Reichraming municipality (Austria) Responsible partner: UNIKLU – contact person: Veronika Gaube; e-mail: Veronika.Gaube ( at) aau.at

3. Stancuta and Ratesti municipality (Romania). Responsible partner: UNIBUC – contact person: Georgia Cosor; e-mail: georgialavinia.cosor ( at) g.unibuc.ro

4. Aegean Islands (Lesvos, Greece). Responsible partner: Aegean – contact person - Evangelos Pavlis; e-mail: bpav (at) geo.aegean.gr

5. Portofino Regional Park (Italy).  Responsible partner: ALTERRA – contact person -Theo van der Sluis; e-mail: theo.vandersluis (at) wur.nl

6.Heerde municipality (Netherland).  Responsible partner: ALTERRA – contact person -Theo van der Sluis; e-mail: theo.vandersluis (at) wur.nl



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VOLANTE Database on decision making processes of land users.zip

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